January 1, 2015

 A families experience:

My son who is 4 years old has been recieving OT services, including iLs (Integrated Listening Systems), from STRIVE for 4 months.  He attends 3 times a week for 1 hour at a time.  His medical diagnosis is still unclear at this time, but he has struggled with speech, language processing, motor planning (the ability to mentally organize task), fine motor and gross motor abilities.  When he turned 2 years old his doctor discovered he could not properly hear dur to extremely enlarged adenoids and fluid in his ears.  He had tubes put in as well as adenoids removed which helpe with the hearing tremendously.  He has received services of some kind since he was 18 months old, all which have helped.  However, in the last 4 months, working with the STRIVE team combined with iLs, I have seen tremendous gains!!  His ability to understand and process language has gone to a whole new level.  I can actually have a conversation with my son without having to simplify everything to 3 or 4 word sentences.  He is initiating conversation with me as well as with peers.  His motor planning has increased tremendously as well.  He still has a way to go, but I am confident that with continued participation in the iLs program we will continue to see growth to a point where he will no longer need to receive services.  I would encourage parents who are considering iLs to dive right in.  The program is designed to be most effective when used 3-5 times a week, it's a big commitment but it's worth the results.  It took about three weeks before I started noticing differences, then the changes skyrocketed.  The STRIVE team is amazing to work with, they treat my son as an individual not a statistic or books definition of a disability.  But it;s my job as the parent to commit to the program listen to the team as they give me things to work on at home as well.  It's been difficult on my schedule but totally worth it!!