About Us

STRIVE Therapy Services, Inc. is a locally owned private practice located in Buffalo, MN, founded in 2012. We serve the families in Wright County and the surrounding areas whom are experiencing developmental or behavioral challenges.

Our services are designed to identify current development, investigate underlying causes for developmental or behavioral challenges and provide support to facilitate independence and positive changes.

Our therapist has a wide range of experience working with children and adults learning to cope with mental health symptoms. She continues her training by participating in year round education to provide a variety of information to the families and individuals we serve.

Our Facility

STRIVE Therapy Services, Inc. is designed to accommodate the unique needs of each individual.

Our gym offers a variety of swings, a climbing ladder and toys to promote child development. Our play room is set up for dramatic/pretend play and developing handwriting skills. Our relaxation room is designed for adults or older children to escape the stressors of daily life in a calming atmosphere.